Little bit of a year that was.

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Re: Little bit of a year that was.

Post by LowRange » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:29 pm

biggs wrote:
LowRange wrote:Love the gear. I really like the back gliding jackal baits too. Have you tried the stick bait variant yet? I think is called the grass shrimp.
Haven't tried it but I'll be looking into them!
I have tried the Jackall Cover Craw, Jackall Cover Slide, Raid Japan Buggy Craw, Gan Craft Bomb Slide and Berkley Power Glider.
It called the Tenaga Stick. It's a slimmer back gliding craw type stick bait. I've only fished the stick and cover craw but I really like the long slow glides these baits make. They're great alternatives to dock fishing wacky worms if the fish are conditioned to seeing a senko drop.

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