Alphas sv/SV105 driveshaft in a Alphas 103 (purple)

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Alphas sv/SV105 driveshaft in a Alphas 103 (purple)

Post by chrisg_sdcf » Sun Mar 22, 2020 12:17 pm

I've been searching posts about replacing the driveshaft in my alphas 103 with a driveshaft from a alphas SV/SV105. Found a few old posts asking the same question but nobody had actually tried it.

Has anyone here done this swap to get the clicking drag star?


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Re: Alphas sv/SV105 driveshaft in a Alphas 103 (purple)

Post by goblue » Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:51 pm

I think I may have been the one asking this same question that went unanswered...

The sv105 driveshaft does fit in older alphas iterations that did not come with clicking
Drags. It’s been awhile but I modified both my 105 finesse custom and zonda 68 with
That driveshaft successfully. It really bothered me that for the price the zonda didn’t
Have a clicking drag star.

If you do this modification, you also need a px type r cast control knob (red) or the sv105
Knob (gunmetal/black) to properly fit the wider style clicking dragstar. I also remember
Having to add or remove a washer underneath the drag star for a proper fit. It was a pain
Because I’m so mechanically unsound, but the end results satisfied my unreasonable desire
For clickies. For what its worth, also changed drive shafts on my pxr 68 and yellow pixy liberto
To the px type r driveshaft and also made it click compatible. Worth the trouble? Probably
Only for me.
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