What rods compare to a NRX 852c ?

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Re: What rods compare to a NRX 852c ?

Post by freelancer27 » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:47 pm

So, fished my 852c for 2 days and think I can give a first resume:

After the first day I was not so sure about the rod. It was really tricky to throw light lures (1/8oz) and also sensitivity wise it was ok, but not WOW, as I had hoped for.

2nd day different approach, different mindset: adjusted the casting style and also the way I fished bottom contact lures.
It is hard to describe, but the rod requires a bit more to work/leverage the tip than I was used to before. Once I adjusted my style I was blown away. My 2018 Zbone is sensitive but the NRX is in a different league.

As a logical consequence of this I landed a nice 4.8 and a decent 2.4 on a 1/8thoz shakey head. Especially the first bite was just amazing to feel. The fish gave a light tap and then picked up the lure. Through the rod I could basically 'see' what the fish was doing.

The rod also handled the fish pretty decently (was in open water)

Craftsmanship on the rod is good. The 200 USD Megabass finish is better in my opinion. But that is fine by me since the NRX is focused on weight and balance (which it completely achieves with my MGEXTREME 2)

So, all in all. Great rod (even for the high price - though I did not pay anywhere close to the retail cost).

Fun part:

Gave my friend the rod (he was fishing a Megabass Spinnerbait special for his bottom contact). He tried to set the hook 3 times (on 3 different casts) on a rock, since he was so convinced that the fish was still sitting there... ;)

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Re: What rods compare to a NRX 852c ?

Post by Samuel_b » Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:54 am

Only on an NRX :lol: :D I remember my first go round with the 852 and 843, still the most sensitive NRX's in my experience, and I did that quite a few times. I always feel like people who run them down either are looking for bling like on a MB or just have never tried them. When you feel "it" it's pretty amazing

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Re: What rods compare to a NRX 852c ?

Post by hoohoorjoo » Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:01 pm

The Abu Fantasista Regista 6-10ML is among the most sensitive rods I have ever fished, including the NRX series. It's almost like I can "see" the bottom when I drag a finesse jig. I got mine for $212 shipped and its the best factory-built rod I own.
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Re: What rods compare to a NRX 852c ?

Post by jlb » Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:02 pm

What reel and line are you using on the 610 fantista for what weight lures? I have the same rod that I am looking to sell.

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