G. Loomis GLX 782C MBR for jerkbaits

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Re: G. Loomis GLX 782C MBR for jerkbaits

Post by DavidSA » Tue Aug 25, 2020 3:12 pm

I have not fished a jerkbait in like 5 years so I had almost forgotten until I read this last few posts how good the original Steez 6'3MH is for bigger jerbaits. to hold it it feels like the 782 but at least the power of the 783 with just slightly slower tip

If you are fishing 1/2oz and up jerkbaits that thing is great if you can find one for sale. I could measure the handle length if anyone is interested. I'd say it is about the same or the same as whatever the MBR782 is.

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