Again I appeal for to help: with the Blanks

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Again I appeal for to help: with the Blanks

Post by Vladimir_Kazan » Fri Sep 21, 2007 1:36 pm

Unfortunately, the sellers of the blanks do not know how or do not want to send the blanks to Russia.
Three Rainshadow blanks for prolongation of the "DN Club" series are necessary to me.
Who can help?

I pay a purchase and delivery in your address. I pay dispatch to me (more precisely, to address of my artist in Moscow) and your additional charges. Payments by PayPal plus PayPal fees (+3% or +4% ?).
To send it is necessary only by USPS Global Express Mail. Officially partner of USPS Express in Russia (EMS Russia) works with sendings of length 150 centimeters (see ), though actually is never failed to work and with sendings of length more than 2 meters (is checked out personally by me). Therefore if post-officer in USA speak, that in Russia it is impossible to send a sending of such length, it is not true.

(By the way, right now I work with EMS, namely, I attempt to persuade officially to magnify allowable length of sendings and to notify the foreign partners. At a level of the chiefs of departments of management of EMS it is complete comprehension at that desire. Let's see)

It is another variant.
The blanks of length 6'0". But I all the same shall make rods of length 4'6", that is it is necessary to saw off from a butt end of 1'6".
If my benefactor will saw off 1'6" from the blanks (accordingly will truncate firm packing), problems with mail can not be at all.

I quite perceive, that my request not prime and burdensome, therefore I shall not take offence at all, if so will fail. Something I shall think up, so or so. Eventually it only a hobby, not zoetic necessity.
I appeal for to excuse my immodesty and Thanks!

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