JDM Plastics

It all started with the plastic worm and has now mutated into a huge array of specialized offerings. Whose is the best and which one is your favorite? Come share your thoughts and opinions here.
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JDM Plastics

Postby goldrod » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:28 pm

I brought some RAID Battle Hogs and i will just say that the durability is there. I have the 3.8 inch and it will slow a jig down.
It is rather heavy for its size but the sink rate of a 3/8 and less jig is superb if your looking to slow it down. It has the wigglers as well for the undulation action when its falling. the Claws dont move.

I've used the beast coast ( non jdm but while im here ) magic flick and its execellent as a drop shot

lastly Biwaaa 4" ultra hog.
If you want something different this has the body and bulk to be used with jigs and its pretty durable as well.

Im just experimenting with some JDM plastics and i highly recommend the Raid Battle Hogs.
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