TackleTour Tourney : Your pick - Day 4... The Search for One

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TackleTour Tourney : Your pick - Day 4... The Search for One

Postby Cal » Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:01 am

We're getting some good feedback on our recent TackleTour Tournament interview pieces with the pros... but of course, the TackleTour hardcore members take everything with a grain of salt given each pro's manufacturer affiliations... so, we're turning it around and asking YOU, what YOU'd choose in this same situation:

"Day Four: It's the last day of the tourney and we're culling our field of pros to the top ten anglers. The lucky ones get to continue our wacky tourney and if they're not ready to protest our format yet, they just might after they learn what we're limiting them to now on day four. The number one question we continue to receive here on TackleTour is if you could just have one... You know the rest. Yes, that's right, we're enlisting the pros in our Search For One campaign and limiting them on the last day of the tourney to one rod, and one reel. What will their combo be? Let's find out."

Keep the discussions to a minimum or start another thread in the tackle section if you have a question to any of the respondents. Let's keep this thread clean and pure... list your favorites and why. This is what it's all about... tell us about your Search for One...

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