Recommend a rod to go with my Aldebaran BFS

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Re: Recommend a rod to go with my Aldebaran BFS

Post by Edward78 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:04 am

nstd wrote:
Edward78 wrote:Never had the Shimano Cardiff but have had a trout one and it was a nice rod. For bass and trout I think the one listed below might serve you better, should have a little more backbone for fighting bass.
Have you tried the UL version? I want something to throw mini jigs down to 1/32.
Yes I have the UL model as well and like it more than the L but I like lighter power rods, but for lures under 2 grams i prefer a more moderate action UL rod because the rod can load almost without a lure and casts well. Most on here lean towards faster actions and firmer rods but to each their own you know.

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