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When production rods are not enough, it's time to go custom. Come share your experiences building and/or ordering a custom rod and tell us if you'll ever go back to off the shelf.
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Re: Blank comparison

Post by Hogsticker2 » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:55 pm

CaptPeteJ wrote:
Hogsticker2 wrote:
CaptPeteJ wrote:Thanks guys! doesn't look like they really have a true Heavy(less that 7'11") in the X-ray line yet, Looking into the MB739(IM) for frog purposes.
Just get a Point Blank. Problem solved. I'm eagerly awaiting my X Ray so I can see how it compares to my PBs.
PB731MHXF I would assume would best meet my needs? Or do I need to go with the PB731HXF? With the NFC pricing, it's almost double the price of the NFC rods... Guess thats my holdup. I have been wanting to try one though.
No doubt. That's the only reason I couldn't resist the X Ray.

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