Crazy Glide? The Baitsanity Explorer Swimbaits

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Crazy Glide? The Baitsanity Explorer Swimbaits

Postby Cal » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:19 pm

Crazy Glide? The Baitsanity Explorer Swimbaits


Introduction: There is arguably no more desirable hard-bodied swimbait to big trophy hunters than the custom glide bait. A good glide bait is often the centerpiece in the swimbait aficionado’s arsenal, one that is responsible for many personal bests. What is it that makes these baits so popular among ardent anglers? Is it the tantalizing side to side action, the sight of followers chasing your bait back during retrieves, the swing for the fences mentality, or simply that many of these baits are functional works of art? Add in the cost of investment for some of the best baits and it is enough to drive swimbait anglers a little insane.

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