Warbaits Puts a Spin on Swimbait Jigheads

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Warbaits Puts a Spin on Swimbait Jigheads

Postby Cal » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:40 pm

Warbaits Puts a Spin on Swimbait Jigheads


Introduction: Warbaits is known for their extensive line of jigheads and swim-jigs by both freshwater and saltwater anglers. The brand has a very strong following among bass fishermen but also inshore anglers targeting Calico Bass as well. We have been utilizing the company's jigs and swimbait heads for years and the subject of the first review of the new year, the Warbaits Underspin jigheads, is designed to offer anglers a little more flash while targeting suspended fish.

Complete Article: http://www.tackletour.com/reviewwarbaitsunderspins.html
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Re: Warbaits Puts a Spin on Swimbait Jigheads

Postby justgopen » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:31 pm

Haven't tried their underspins but Warbait jigs and jigheads are da bomb! They are fish catching machines! I use Keitech tails as my primary baits with them, and will give the Rhythm Waves a shot.

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