Welcome 13 Fishing!! (& Forum Guidelines)

Questions regarding an existing product from 13 Fishing? Talk directly to an official representative!
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Welcome 13 Fishing!! (& Forum Guidelines)

Postby Cal » Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:27 pm

Please join us in welcoming 13 Fishing to TackleTour.com via their very own Product Support Forum!

If you have questions related to current or future products in 13 Fishing's lineup, please do not hesitate to begin a discussion topic to explore the answers and a representative from 13 Fishing will respond.

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Re: Welcome 13 Fishing!! (& Forum Guidelines)

Postby Marv » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:36 pm

I received my concept zero with no ball bearings---dumbest thing I ever heard tell of! But thought I would give it an honest effort and try by putting it on my black omen rod and headed to the water, with 1/4 ounce weight and my favorite 4 " lizard. I adjusted it to my satisfaction and put the cast control on two and on free fall. Started out with very short cast and realized right away this reel might be just a tad better. Naturally this reel can't compare to my Shimano conquest but I was determined to give it an honest try. After fishing for 4 or 5 hours this reel is amazing. For the next 3 weeks tried different weights, lighter line (10 lb) to be exact and dropped down to 3 1/16th bullet weight and was totally surprised of just how far I could cast this baby! Yep! I can't believe how good this reel really is. The only thing I noticed was when I was throwing really far it had a whine so I called 13 fishing and they gave me advice to try setting the cast control on 0 and see if it still made the noise. And if there was still a problem they would correct it or give me a brand new reel. (How about that?) So I kept fishing with it and it still makes the whine noise but this reel is so much fun to fish with I am not going to send it back as I don't want to be without this reel for one day! This is my brand new favorite reel!! I will be buying one more! Thank you 13 fishing for everything! Great rods and concept zero. The reel that is going to change everything! Marv from Florida :)

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