Daiwa Presso

Reels are the hottest topic for TackleTour. Everyone wants to know what the latest and greatest is and how they compare to the old guard. What's the best for light stuff, or what's your suggestion for heavy cover. Do we really need different retrieve ratios? It's all in here.
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Re: Daiwa Presso

Post by LowRange » Tue May 04, 2021 5:05 am

new2BC4bass wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 4:00 pm
LowRange wrote:
Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:10 am
new2BC4bass wrote:
jjbassnforfun wrote:I own a TD-Z BBS that has a fixed inductor. Often struggled with BL on lures under 3/4 oz. So I swapped out the spool with my OG zillion and have the same line capacity yet curbed the odd oops of a BL. I can throw 3/8 to 1 oz NP. And only swap in the stock spool for monster swim baits to get more distance.

I'm going to try a heavier spring on the inductor to see if that allows the use of the monster swim baits yet still keeping the 3/8 to 3/4 ounce stuff manageable.
Might want to talk with Ian Shields first. I am having a problem with my Alphas SV105. I mentioned to him that a guy on here had sent 3 reels to Daiwa (T3s, I think) that had problems with the inductor. Poster didn't know what Daiwa did, but the reels worked when they came back. He thought Daiwa may have gone to a heavier spring for the inductor. This was Ian's reply to me, "it would not make sense that a stronger spring would help with the inductor, because this would only serve to inhibit the braking, which would cause you even more grief" My SV105 doesn't perform nearly as well as everyone else claims theirs does.

My SV105 and three other reels are going out this afternoon for Ian to go through and upgrade. I've never been one to tinker, and currently don't have a space for working on my reels even if I wanted to. I let a professional solve my problems. :big grin:
What performance issues do you have with your Alphas SV? Do you believe it is not casting far enough? Is so what other reels are you comparing the casting distance to?

I ask this because the Alphas SV isn't the best distance casting reel. The reel's breaking profile is an excellent balance of distance and control but is it just that, a balance. Some long distance casting is lost to gain the ability to skip baits thumb free. If you do not value control, particularly low spool RPM control, and only value casting distance then the Alphas SV is not the reel for you. If so. you may want to look into Shimano reels. Shimano reels, in general, don't even bother with breaking below the cut out point of the centrifugal breaks and trade the ability to skip and pitch thumb free for the ability to cast a bit further. This a blanket statement about Shimano reels but for the most part, in my experience, it holds true.

These is also a known issue with inductors sticking on the Alphas SV spool and this can sometimes be solved at home by applying a bit of oil to the inductor.
I realize this is an old thread. Came across it while doing a little more research on my Presso spool. To answer your question, distance was not the problem. Reel wanted to overrun and backlash. Something no one else ever complained about (as best as I could find out). More so than any of my other reels...whether Diawa or another brand. I could feel the line 'fluffing' during the middle of the cast. I owned quite a few Daiwa reels at that time...and have purchased quite a more since then. :big grin:

Ian quote: "I tuned the spool's inductor on this reel, so that the spool will be a little bit faster for you. I have done this to many of these reels, and have had nothing but positive feedback regarding this mod." I have had absolutely no problem with this reel since getting it back from Ian. Naturally I had Ian do a bunch more upgrading to the reel while he had it. \:D/
I bet the inductor base was broken. The tell tail sign is when the inductor is twisted it doesnt lock at full extension and it can continue to spin on the spool shaft. My Tatula SV did this.

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Re: Daiwa Presso

Post by SSS » Tue May 04, 2021 6:50 am

Never was a fan of the Presso. Its just an ugly/generic looking Pixy with a spool that is overbraked. Red or Yellow pixy with the R+ or the finesse special spools ftw.

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Re: Daiwa Presso

Post by eklikewhoa » Wed May 05, 2021 12:31 am

Old post but I love the presso! Actually just really enjoy the Pixy platform altogether

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Re: Daiwa Presso

Post by new2BC4bass » Wed May 05, 2021 5:09 pm

SSS wrote:
Tue May 04, 2021 6:50 am
Never was a fan of the Presso. Its just an ugly/generic looking Pixy with a spool that is overbraked. Red or Yellow pixy with the R+ or the finesse special spools ftw.
I don't have a Presso reel. Only the spool which I put in a Sol that I purchased used that was already tuned and upgraded (including the bearings). I had no Pixy at the time. Now I have four.

I feel confident that Ian would have told me if the inductor base was broken.

I am also a fan of the Pixy.

I am afraid I didn't use the Sol much after installing the Presso spool. It wasn't until later that I taught myself to cast #5 Shad Raps on a few different setups. (And the Sol/Presso wasn't one of them.) Now I am looking to increase my capabilities with lighter weights, and have purchased a couple new finesse spools for that purpose. Also picked up an Ace Hawk Double to learn on before switching over to a BFS rod. The Ace Hawk should lower the learning curve as it will load easier with the lighter weights. At least that is my hope. If it doesn't...well $38 isn't a huge loss and I will have a nice little panfish rod. :big grin:

Right now I am going to spool the Presso with 4# Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate Monofilament, and give it a try with smaller treble hook lures. After first giving it a shot as already set up in the Sol. Absolutely hate the idea,but may have to invest in another Pixy. :laugh1:

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Re: Daiwa Presso

Post by BigG » Sat May 08, 2021 11:14 am

Have mine on a Steez 62 ML cast small cranks for bream and crappie. Lots of fun.

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