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Savage Gear High Rider V2(Floats Tubes)

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2022 12:38 pm
by Preston
I'm curious if anyone has used this float tube? It looks legit to me, but I'm not finding many reviews. A few youtube vids.

My situation- I have a Native Titan that I fish out of frequently. It's great. The problem is I have quite a few ponds very close to me that have great bass fishing but terrible bank access. I can't get a Native Titan into these ponds, no way. I've been considering a solid float tube that I can put on my back and just walk to the pond.

I'd so like to hear from anyone that has used the Savage Gear High Rider. I'd also love to hear more about any solid performing float tubes that anyone would recommend.

Float Tube Needs
-Sit mostly out of or above water line
-Multiple air chambers
-Carry straps for walking it in