Custom Drop-Shot Rod

When production rods are not enough, it's time to go custom. Come share your experiences building and/or ordering a custom rod and tell us if you'll ever go back to off the shelf.
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Re: Custom Drop-Shot Rod

Post by ogrich31 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 5:36 pm

Thurin90 wrote:
Sun Oct 25, 2020 3:42 am
I will have that in consideration, maybe black friday or Christmas sales will help.
For the k2, has some models, was thinking of asking them if it's possible to get a specific model. It should take some time but maybe they can do it.
One question, while checking some reviews about the K2 there seems to be some break issues one years ago. Is that fixed?
A reliable source told me that problem has been resolved. I don't know the details though. I broke 4-5 k2's myself, but that was when they first came out. I haven't broken one in years.

Most high end blanks will be more susceptible to breakage, and should be babied (no flipping 5lbers, throwing on the deck, ect).

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