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RatRumble : The RioRat by Hill Country Swimbaits

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 10:41 pm
by Cal
RatRumble : The RioRat by Hill Country Swimbaits


Introduction: Whether you refer to them as swimbaits or big baits, here in California, this style of lure used in pursuit of largemouth bass is kind of old hat. Yet, around the country, and really, around the world, the movement has never been more popular. From Japan to Italy to Australia, new builders and even more baits debut almost every month. The builder of today's bait made their official start in 2019. Based in San Antonia, Texas, Hill Country Swimbaits offers a wide selection of baits from multi-piece swimmers, to two-piece glides in gill, shad, and trout profiles. The subject of today's article is in a classification that has infested TackleTour HQ. We have a plan to root them out, but the invasion promises to endure through the Summer and likely into the Fall. Introducing the Hill Country Swimbaits Rio Rat.

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